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Are you tired of usual workout videos that are boring and not your type? Well, we have a solution. Push Up Counter - Home Workout offers a free daily workout app, especially for you. Through our app, you can daily push up workout at home with immense challenges and a personalized workout planner. Daily push up workout at home now!

Try our daily burn and push up challenge for just 6 weeks and see the results. Our training plan app uses a special metric based on your (height, weight, age, and gender) to make a personalized workout planner for you. Users can easily reach their desired goal in just 6 weeks using the generated muscle booster plan. With lots of daily exercise, home workouts, and fitness plan, reaching fitness goals is a piece of cake.

Mind-Melting Features:

Get your daily fitness challenge in just 2 minutes. Provide your details, and our fitness app will create a daily workout plan, especially for you. Some features of this app are:

  • Complete the 100 push ups challenge and get a step closer to losing weight.
  • Our app uses distance sensors to calculate push ups, squats, and crunches.
  • Get in-depth stats of heart rate data with our fitness app.
  • Improvise or change your height, weight, and gender easily with the available settings.
  • Users can switch between their fitness goals anytime.
  • Get in shape faster with your daily fitness challenge, like 100 push ups.

Exceptional Attributes:

1.Never-ending challenges Our fitness app allows users to reach their desired fitness goals. Users can select between the goals, which are:

  • Lose weight
  • Build muscles
  • Stay healthy By selecting your directed goal, our app automatically creates a fitness plan for you.

2.Specialized muscle booster workouts Melt down your fat and extra body weight with our customized training plan. Our pull up app creates a daily workout plan based on your metric (age, height, weight, gender).

3.Personalized training plan Our fitness app has everything you need to lose weight faster. With on-demand home workouts specially designed for your needs, our app has the following training plan:

  • Count training
  • Time training
  • Calorie training
  • Interval training
  • Free mode

4.Reminder and notification system Daily workout and never skip a day using our built-in reminder system. Our fitness app motivates you to complete your daily fitness challenge and get a checkmark on the daily activity.

5.Sync data Synchronize your calories to Apple Health. By doing this, users can check their daily burn routine, consistency, weight, height, and much more.

6.Go Unlimited Free: The free plan supports basic training and data functions. Subscription: Users can opt for the pro plan to use this fitness plan app without ads. Enjoy all features such as unlimited use, the best theme and color, and much more for $ 12.99 / month or $ 39.99 / year. Get a 3-day trial for free.

7.Counter and training It’s always difficult to count the squats, push up, and workout stats. Therefore, our fitness app uses a pushups counter that automatically calculates your sets. Place the phone underneath your chest on the ground and see the magic begin. Users can also use the squat and crunchy counter through it.

8.Workouts for everyone Complete various challenges such as push up challenge, daily exercise, and daily burn to reach your goal faster. Our fitness app provides advanced, in-depth training plan for upper body workout and daily burn exercises for both men and women.

Daily burn fat, chest workout at home, upper body workout, and much more with one single app.

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