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Staying at home during the epidemic, I did 1,000 push-ups

· 3 min read

I am from Hubei and have been at home for almost 20 days. I can’t stand it at home. I have always liked sports and have been running for 4 years.

Suddenly staying at home for so long, how can I not exercise? And there is no heating in Hubei, it is really cold. Heaters, electric blankets, and fire can make you feel more comfortable. In the beginning, I didn’t want to get up at all, so I just swiped my phone under the covers.

But it’s boring for a long time, and it’s uncomfortable to lie down for a long time. Because I am used to living in Shenzhen, the air humidity in Shenzhen is higher than at home, and my mouth feels drier when I come back. I feel even more drier when I am roasting, and I seem to be a little angry.

So I suddenly thought that I could find some indoor sports to do. So thought of push-ups.

So I first spent a few days to create an app that specifically records the number of push-ups done-push-up assistant. The function is relatively simple, but basically enough:

  • Use the iPhone’s distance sensor to record the number of push-ups
  • Data can be backed up to iCloud
  • Ability to view history
  • You can share the data card to WeChat or download it to your phone album if you haven’t done a push-up
  • Data support synchronization to Apple Health

The application interface and functions are very simple. When I first applied for the Apple app store review, Apple rejected me, saying that the application was too simple. Later, I told Apple about it and passed the review. The main application interface is as follows:

When using it, place the phone flat on the ground. When the body approaches the phone or touches the circle on the page, it will record a push-up.

I asked my dad to download this app too, so that he and I can do more than what we say every day, because this can’t cheat and it’s much fairer. During the day, we will spend a time together, put our mobile phones together, do push-ups together, and see who does the most in a specified time. My mother will supervise us by the side. After finishing, we shared the data sharing card to the family group.

In this way, after more than ten days, I did more than 1,000 push-ups, and my dad actually had more than me. If this continues, when I go to work, my eight-pack abs is probably just around the corner.

Finally, I also recommend everyone to try this app. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. website: